About Company

Armstrong International is a thermal utility provider for various industries, namely Hydrocarbon, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Hospitality, agriculture and Higher Education. 

With smart solutions to modern day industrial problems their products are made and designed by state of the art technology, which ensured safety, efficiency and performance for long periods of time.

Armstrong International is a family run business established in 1900, they have more than a century of experience and since, have expanded to global markets. 

Their products include providing engineering solution, steam & condensate, humidification, flow measurement, online training and many more on demand thermal industry systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Russell

When was the company founded?

The company was founded in the year 1900.

Who is the founder of the company?

The company was founded by David Armstrong.

What do Armstrong International parts include?

Armstrong International parts include HVAC Condensate Pump, Furnace Humidifier, and HVAC Coil Cleaner.

What does the brand stands for?

The brand believes in delivering intelligent system solutions that improve utility performance while providing an enjoyable experience.


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