Top 5 Flow Control Valve Manufacturers

Get My Parts presents the most comprehensive list of the Top Flow Control Valve manufacturers in the U.S.A and Canada. Choose from a list of handpicked Flow Control Valve manufacturing companies.

Hayward Flow Control

Hayward Flow Control is a division of Hayward Industries and is based in USA. They have been a leading manufacturer from past 60 years. 

Being one of the originators of ball valves, they have been producing the best quality products and providing the service that meet customer expectations. 

Hayward has earned a reputation for manufacturing, design, quality, customer experience, and support. They serve a wide range of  industry with their products.


Being a division of R.F.  Ohl, Fisher offers the area’s best service and support for all heating and cooling requirements. They have been specialised in all aspects of HVAC, which focuses on energy efficient heating, air conditioning, and purification for homes and businesses. 

Fisher provides a full range of routine maintenance, diagnostic service, and repair of HVAC system. If you require energy efficient upgrades or complete replacement, they will offer a free home energy evaluation and design a perfect product for your home.

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Being in the industry for more than 75 years, Magnatrol has been manufacturing valves for process control and it also covers a wide range of air and liquid handling applications. 

Having offered superior quality, higher performance, and greater reliability, they are a manufacturer of solenoid valves. They are constantly improving their product quality and customer experience to expand their business.


Flocontrol was incorporated in 2010 and has successfully completed a wide range of new projects of offices colleges and universities, police stations, factories, and hospitals. 

They are committed in providing higher level of service and delivering energy efficient building and cooling hydronic solutions. They believe in the innovation and experimentation. 

FloControl works with world class global valve manufacturers from Denmark, Germany, and Italy.

Deltrol Controls

Deltrol Controls is a subsidiary of Deltrol Corp. and being in the industry for over 50 years, they are into designing and manufacturing solenoids, valves, relays and various applications. 

They are a global supplier and is committed to exceeding their customer and delivery expectations. 

Deltrol Controls believes in continuous improvement of the quality system, processes and procedures. They are recognised as a leader in the industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Flow Control Valve

What is Flow Control Valve?

A Flow Control Valve regulates the flow or pressure of a fluid. They generally respond to signals generated by independent devices such as flow meters or temperature gauges.

What is the function of Flow Control Valve?

The purpose of Flow Control Valve is to regulate the flow rate in a specific portion of a hydraulic circuit. They are used to control the flow rate to motors and cylinders.

What are the different types of Flow Control Valve?

The most common types of Flow Control Valve are Gate Valve, Globe Valves, Pinch Valve, Diaphragm Valve, and Needle Valve.

What is the importance of Flow Control Valve?

When putting up an HVAC system, the Flow Control Valve is used for a constant flow for pumps and other important accessories.


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