Top 5 HVAC Fan Motor Manufacturers

Get My Parts presents the most comprehensive list of the Top HVAC Fan Motor manufacturers in the U.S.A and Canada. Choose from a list of handpicked HVAC Fan Motor manufacturing companies.


Baldor has exhibited their skilful work in many industries, including the HVACR industry. They do so by collaborating bright ideas and meticulous work of their versatile labourers. 

When it comes to buying products having a modern design and excellent quality, Baldor is the brand you can rely upon. They ensure that your money and their quality products go hand in hand.

At Baldor, they believe in possibilities and make them come true. They have always valued their customer’s money and trust by making justice to their expectations with their world-class products.

Hansen Corporation

Hansen Corporation is one of the leading electric motor manufacturers in the market. They have sheer passion for what they create, which is why they are one of the most famous brands out there. 

Leaving many Industries behind including HVACR industry, Hansen corporations have now excelled in their field of work. They have never let the standard of their products drop by even an inch.

Hansen Corporations try to serve their customers with the best of the products they can manufacture. They believe in their ultimate goal i.e. customer satisfaction.

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Electrocraft Company believes in crafting premier products with a touch of excellence. During the procedure, their hardworking employees have always been with them. 

Ranging from motors to sensors, Electrocraft covers all aspects of the automotive world. They indirectly structure the HVACR industry and have been trusted for many years now. 

At electro craft, it’s just the best or nothing. They believe that the ability to create is a gift, and it should be thoroughly utilized.



At century, every product manufactured has brilliance and durability in its layers. They believe that people deserve products endowed with good quality and efficiency. 

They manufacture top-notch electric machines which have its applications mainly in the HVACR industry. They are one of the game-winning brands when it comes to reliable manufacturing products. 

Century believes that manufacturing a commodity is their responsibility and therefore, they leave no stone unturned in the process of carrying out their duty. 


Over 100 years, Fasco believes in delivering the world’s most important line of fractional horsepower motors and blowers. They have powered thousands of products for a diverse line of applications.

They believe in expanding their global presence, greater customer service and providing the highest quality product at a competitive price.

In the coming years, they are planning to develop and launch products to meet the requirements of our customers and ever-changing marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - HVAC Fan Motor

What is HVAC Fan Motor?

The HVAC Fan Motor is the component within a home’s HVAC system. The motor blows heated air through vents when the heating system is in use.

What is the function of HVAC Fan Motor?

The basic function of a motor is to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. This means that if you will supply electrical power to its terminal, it will provide a moving mechanism.

What are the different types of HVAC Fan Motor?

There are three basic HVAC Fan Motor types such as The Axial Fan, The Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan, and building momentum in the industry is the Backward Inclined Fan.

What is the importance of HVAC Fan Motor?

HVAC Fan Motor is used in commercial and residential buildings. In residential buildings, it provides fresh air which is good for the body and in commercial buildings it helps in improving productivity.


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