Top 5 HVAC Gauges Manufacturers

Get My Parts presents the most comprehensive list of the Top HVAC Gauges manufacturers in the U.S.A and Canada. Choose from a list of handpicked HVAC Gauges manufacturing companies.

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket has set its brand in almost 60 years, and today it is known as the best company which produces and manufactures hoses, tools, refrigeration gauges, manifolds, HVAC vacuum pumps and refrigerant recovery machines.

They have worked sincerely to provide their best services and products in this area and have set an example. They are committed to providing their customers with innovative quality products, ongoing training and education, and superior service.

JB Industries

JB industries have been working continuously in air conditioning and refrigeration for more than 50 years. It was founded in 1967, and Jarren Brinda industries came to be known as JB industries.

They are one of the most successful companies in manufacturing equipment and accessories related to the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. They are also known for developing quality products and providing best quality services.

Initially supplying manifolds, hoses, and brass fittings, the company later added third party vacuum pumps.

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iManifold is a part of the North Park Innovations and have made its position as the best company in providing service and manufacturing products in HVAC technology. They are a revolutionary breakthrough in digital manifold technology and HVACR system measurement analysis. 

iManifold with its parent company, North Park, is continually engaged in producing the best products and hence making their customers more satisfied. The best thing about the iManifold is its technological and digital approach towards the problems in the field of providing quality life and environment to their customers.



Robinair has established its position as a global leader in service tools and equipment. They have been providing quality services for a long time.

Robinair was founded in 1956 and from then, it has successfully manufactured products for more than 60 years. Headquartered in Owatonna, Minnesota, today, it has established its position as a leader in the global leader in service tools and equipment based in Products serve the heating/ventilating/air conditioning/refrigeration (HVAC-R) and mobile markets.


Mastercool is a world-class company owned by a family which has made its name a brand by supplying the best quality products and services for more than 35 years. They have a complete range of tools, equipment and range of accessories for better air management.

It has made its place in the market and has earned its position as a company producing “World Class Quality Products”. They have focused on technological innovations and unique product designs for getting such synonyms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - HVAC Gauges

What is HVAC Gauges?

HVAC Gauge is also known as a manifold which is used to perform HVAC service and replacement.

What is the function of HVAC Gauges?

The function of HVAC Gauge is to read the pressure of various liquids and gases in an air conditioning system.

What are the different types of HVAC Gauges?

The different types of HVAC Gauges are Gauge Manifolds, Manifold Body and Hand Valves, and Analog and Digital HVAC Gauge. 

What is the importance of HVAC Gauges?

HVAC Gauge is important when you are working with different refrigerants.


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