Top 5 HVAC Heat Pump Manufacturers

Get My Parts presents the most comprehensive list of the Top HVAC Heat Pump manufacturers in the U.S.A and Canada. Choose from a list of handpicked HVAC Heat Pump manufacturing companies.

Mitsubishi Electric

Founded in 2018, Mitsubishi is a subdivision of Mitsubishi Electric. It is well-known for it’s cooling and heating equipment.

Using eco-friendly products, it has an advanced climate control system and has made their products more efficient. It has gained the confidence of loyal customers and is the top manufacturer through its performance. 


Carrier is a world leader in advanced technology, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions. They are able to achieve the number one position in the manufacturer’s list and have also won the hearts of customers.

With the strong rationale of quality, performance, responsibility, and customer care they are able to develop and design the products in the most innovative manner. 

They have a motto of making people’s lives better and they are successfully following it.

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Bryant is known for its heating and cooling systems and has always been the first choice of consumers. 

Bryant believes in the motto ‘Comfort is the responsibility’ and they work with the same belief. They work with the nationwide matrix of experienced dealers and the local community to deliver the best workpiece.

Bryant has only focused on providing their customers with a comfortable life and they want the usage of products at the best of its ability


Being based in Japan, Fujitsu has a reputation of a high-quality air-conditioner. Its performance is ensured even in sandstorm prone areas. 

They manufacture a wide range of household appliances, fire and disaster prevention system, and electronic devices. They have also been successful at providing a congenial,  safe and convenient living. They also aim to continue doing the same in the coming decades.


Being established in 1895, Lennox delivers its products based on the values of trust, innovation, and quality. 

They manufacture quality-assured air cooler, warmers, and dryers with modern technology. They aim at making their product self-sustainable and user-friendly. They also provide great comfort with loyal service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - HVAC Heat Pump

What is HVAC Pump?

HVAC Pumps are the pumps which are used in the HVAC industry and are the centrifugal pumps.

What is the function of HVAC Pump?

The role of HVAC Pump is to provide sufficient pressure so that fluid can be moved through the chiller and condenser water distribution.

What are the different types of HVAC Pump?

There are two types of HVAC Pumps and those are closed-loop system and open-loop system.

What is the importance of HVAC Pump?

The HVAC Pump provides heating and cooling throughout the building by keeping a constant flow through boilers, chillers, and water towers.


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