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AC Actuator

Honeywell Direct Coupled Actuator ML6161A 2009

  • 4 years ago
  • Rutherford, New Jersey
AC Actuator

Portable Air Conditioner

  • 4 years ago
  • Belleville, New Jersey

AC Actuator

An actuator is a component that is responsible for controlling and moving a mechanism, for example, by opening a valve. In simple terms, it is a ‘mover’. It requires a control signal and an energy source. 

Benefits of AC Actuator 

The AC Actuator moves air distribution doors to two or more positions to direct airflow for heating and A/c vents. The AC Actuator is located under the dashboard attached to the air distribution doors in the HVAC box. 

The doors can control warm air/cold air blending, recirculated/ fresh air control, or dual-zone spitting. 

Types of AC Actuator 

There are three types of AC Actuators, such as – Pneumatic Linear Actuators, Hydraulic Linear Actuators, and Electric Linear Actuators.

Pneumatic Linear Actuator enables considerable forces to be produced from relatively small pressure changes, Hydraulic Linear Actuators consists of a cylinder or fluid motor that uses hydraulic power to facilitate mechanical operation, and Electric Linear Actuator may provide the actuation force/torque in several ways. 

Choose the best AC Actuator

We have several AC Actuator parts of various types which are hydraulic linear actuators, electric linear actuators, etc. Check out AC Actuator parts of top brands such as, Honeywell, Eaton, Johnson Controls, and many more.