Hard-to-Find HVAC Parts


Tired of reaching out to vendors in search of a specific part? GetMyParts is your one-stop e-location to find OEM and non-OEM parts. Get multiple vendors  bidding on your requirement to ensure the best prices.


Are you limited to selling your parts only to your local contractors near your supply house? Widen your business reach by listing your products on GetMyParts. They will be matched automatically when people search for them.


How It Works

Sign up for Free

Buyers and sellers can register with a simple two-step form to create an account to source and sell HVAC parts.

Scan through Requirements

Buyers can start listing their HVAC parts requirements so vendors start bidding on their available HVAC parts.

Review Biddings

Alerts are sent to buyers and they can choose the right vendor and get all the necessary details like delivery time and cost.

Get Order

Once buyers have shortlisted the vendor, they can make the payment and receive delivery of their HVAC part.


What People Are Saying

Andrew Van Riper

Territory Manager, Homans Associates

“Get My Parts sounds like a very good idea and probably the way things are headed for the future”

Tim Berk

Jazz Heating & Air Conditioning

“This is going to save me time and energy when I need to search for OEM parts. It's exhausting now calling around supply houses and not knowing if they deal in the product I’m asking about”

Scott Groleau

Regional HVAC/R Commercial Sales Manager, F.W. Webb Company

“What a terrific way for the HVAC/R trade to find the parts they need quickly to get their customers back up and running. Site appears to be easy to navigate and gaining membership is simple. What a terrific resource. “


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One-stop solution for HVAC Supply

Get My Parts connects HVAC supply vendors and buyers and helps in creating an efficient procurement process, with a unique bidding model and auction drive marketplace. We help users in getting the best quote from multiple vendors. With a huge marketplace, we are designed to help service and repair technicians to find rare HVAC parts. We also help in saving manual hours to source rare and specific products.

That is not all, our platform also gives mid and small size manufacturers the opportunity to open their business in a wide range of locations.

Unique Management Process for Buying & Selling HVAC Parts

Get My Parts has streamlined the HVAC Parts buying and selling process by connecting HVAC suppliers and vendors to ensure you find the right solution to fit your requirements.

Sourcing and purchasing HVAC parts can be time-consuming and it is very difficult to find rare and specific parts. We have created the perfect end-to-end management process to help you acquire HVAC parts at affordable prices.

Experience a new way to find and buy HVAC parts with our auction-driven marketplace and help from our experts.