34,000 BTU InverterFlex Multi-Zone Heat Pump (Outdoor Unit)
  • June 24, 2020 8:30 am
  • Belleville, New Jersey
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InverterFlex multi-zone units let you condition from one up to five rooms with just one outdoor unit (depending on model). The contractor can design a system that best meets the load requirements of each room being conditioned because indoor air handlers can be mixed and matched.

These 9,000, 12,000, 18,000, 21,000, and 24,000 BTUH indoor units can be mixed, up to the point that their combined capacity reaches the total allowable system capacity. All units must operate in the same mode except “fan” only can always be selected. True zone control is possible because each air handler operates independently and has its own wireless remote.


  • Brand : Comfort-Aire
  • Warranty : 6 Years Compressor/2 Years Parts
  • Refrigerant Type : R-410A
  • Voltage : 208/230v
  • Heating Capacity (BTU) : 41000
  • Max. Pipe Length (ft.) : 82
  • Cooling Capacity (BTU) : 34000
  • Product Type : Outdoor Unit


  • Auto Swing - Continually adjusts air direction for a gentle, breeze-like effect preferred by most people
  • Multiple Modes - Cooling, heating, fan only, dehumidification only, plus: Sleep Mode, 24-hour Timer, Turbo Mode, Auto Mode
  • Intelligent Pre-Heating - Enhances comfort by preventing cold air blow
  • Auto Operation - Automatically selects the mode required to maintain a constant temperature/humidity level
  • "Follow" Function - Senses temperature at the remote and adjusts airflow for comfort and efficiency at its location
  • Superior Filtration - Air filters are designed to help enhance indoor air quality
  • Auto Restart - Defrosts only when necessary to save energy, limit downtime
  • Self-Clean Mode - Dries out the indoor unit when not in use to prevent mold growth
  • Low Ambient Operation