ERV70S, 35-70 CFM Energy Recovery Ventilator w/ side ports (for small homes/condos)
  • December 17, 2021 10:49 am
  • Downey, California
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ERVs are suitable for all climates including those with hot, humid summers where homes are air-conditioned and possibly dehumidified during multiple seasons of the year.

Similar to the HRV, an ERV system recovers heat in the cold season but also recovers the energy trapped in moisture, greatly improving overall efficiency. In humid climates, where homes are air-conditioned and outside air is more humid than inside, an ERV system limits the amount of moisture coming into the home.

In dry climates and humidified homes where humidity levels are greater inside, ERV systems limit the amount of moisture expelled to maintain optimal comfort levels.


  • Brand : Others
  • Air Flow Capacity (CFM) : 35-70
  • Voltage : 120v
  • Amperage : 0.5
  • Warranty : 2 Year Parts 5-Year Limited Warranty on Enthalpic Core


  • Delivers 35 to 70 CFM of a balanced ventilation
  • The compact, lightweight size of 34 lbs allows you to install the unit without having to open it
  • Integrated pressure taps and balancing dampers to quickly measure and balance air-flow
  • Integrated hooks and port straps to simplify for a faster and easier installation
  • Removable terminal block allows for quicker wall control connections
  • Side Ports