Tips for commercial & residential hvac maintenance

Despite the changing seasons, your home temperature should be constant. Overtime, preceding regular HVAC maintenance may seem convenient; however, in that case, your system’s performance will decrease over time. 

Without regular HVAC maintenance, your system will not operate at its peak efficiency. Our HVAC units are something that we don’t think until we have a problem. That’s why we have compiled this list to help you maintain your HVAC system – 

Here are seven tips for commercial and residential HVAC Maintenance to avoid a breakdown –

  1. Ensure there is no Debris

    There can be a possibility that debris starts building if you are not cleaning your system regularly. The clogs can stop or reduce the unit’s airflow, which decreases the efficiency of the group.
    The debris can be of any form such as pollen leaves, grass, clippings, bugs, tree leaves, or branches.
    Make sure you remove it in case there is debris in your unit. Use a water hose with a sprayer to clean it out.
    Before you start, do turn off the unit. Use the hose to spray off dirt or debris.
  2. Clean the Coils

    Once you have removed the debris, you should clean the coils. Dirty coils cause inefficiency and can increase the energy saver by over 30 percent. That’s how clean coils help in decreasing your electricity bills and improve air quality.
  3. Make sure Ducts are not Leaking

    While you are checking for debris, make sure that your air conditioning ducts are not leaking. Sometimes the energy to heat or cool our home escapes through-hole or cracks in the unit, rather than going into the house.
    You should call an HVAC technician to come and help you repair any duct leakage.
  4. Change the Filters

    It is essential to change the dirty filter if you want to avoid HVAC failure. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) also recommends doing this, but apart from that, there are several reasons why you should change the filters.
    Firstly, a cleaner filter will give you cleaner air. It also helps you reduce the maintenance costs since you need not call a technician to fix it.
    And secondly, it will allow your machine to function efficiently since clogged filters make it harder for machines to run smoothly. Your unit can also last up to 15-20 years. It is a costly affair to change the filter.
  5. Clean the Condensing Unit

    Most of the condensing units have a fan on top of them so that they can get rid of heat during summers. The fans are usually made up of metal, but the metal can become dirty and clogged. That’s why it is essential to clean the condensing unit once in a while.
    Do not forget to turn off your unit before you try this, and do not use a pressure washer since it can damage your unit.
  6. Get a Programmable Thermostat

    Sometimes, you wanted to set your home temperature at a consistent level, so that you feel comfortable. This can make your system overworked since it will constantly be trying to maintain the temperature.
    In case you get a programmable thermostat, you will be able to schedule what time you want your house to be cold or warm. For example, even if you are out of the house the whole day on a hot summer day, you can set the temperature slightly cooler to avoid overworking your system.
  7. Get Professional HVAC Cleaning

    At last, make sure that you take professional help once in a while to clean the unit for you. This will help you in saving your electricity bill and repairing costs in the long run. The air in your home will also be clean and healthy.

Why is HVAC Maintenance Important?

HVAC maintenance’s importance is to ensure that your system is up and running all seasons without any breakdown. As an additional benefit, it can also reduce the unexpected mid-season maintenance and lengthen your system’s life. Here are some reasons why HVAC Maintenance regularly is important –

  1. Reduce Emergency Repairs – Getting your HVAC system serviced regularly will ensure that it can keep running efficiently year-round. It is essential to schedule your regular service to avoid costly emergency repairs.
  2. System Longevity – Keeping your HVAC System updated, can increase its usable life by up to 40 percent. With proper maintenance, you can postpone paying for a new system into the future.
  3. Safety – No matter how efficient oil-burning furnaces cases are, they put off carbon dioxide. This gas is poisonous and can invade your living space if it is not vented properly on the roof.
    The older furnaces that are not properly maintained produce more gas. During regular maintenance, technicians check for proper gas venting and make sure it is burning properly. This way, your home will be safe.
  4. Lower Utility Bills – Once you start maintaining your system regularly, your monthly bills will be less, since the system will be more efficient.
  5. Healthy Air – A dirty HVAC System is an environment where mold and bacteria can reside. This will produce more allergy problems in your household.

    A clean filter will be able to do a job better of trapping air articles and help prevent contaminated air from pulling in from places like attic and crawl space. A clean heat pump will also provide a healthier environment.

How often should you get your HVAC Maintenance Done?

You should get your HVAC Maintenance done regularly for maximum efficiency. According to most HVAC system manufacturers, you should get both heatings, and an air-conditioned portion of HVAC serviced once a year. However, they also suggest that pre-season maintenance is important to avoid any failure during the season. 

A system that helps in heating and cooling, you must get it serviced in the spring and fall season, and the cooling system requires maintenance once a year before the cooling season starts. Whereas, a furnace maintenance system requires service at least once a year before the heating season begins.

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