5″ Retrofit Round Damper
  • July 29, 2020 11:00 am
  • Florida
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The RRD is a round damper that is easily inserted into rigid round ducts for retrofit zoning in forced-air heating and cooling systems. It is available in four sizes for use in 5 in., 6 in., 7 in., and 8 in. ducts.

The damper is used with Honeywell HZ221, HZ311, HZ322, HZ432, and similar zone control systems.

The power open, power closed actuator draws 2.5 VA allowing multiple dampers per zone but delivers high torque for reliable operation.


  • Size : 5"
  • Parts Condition : Open Box
  • Brand : Honeywell
  • Application : Air Quality
  • Voltage : 24v
  • Motor : Power Close
  • Motor Mount : Direct Connection to Damper Shaft


  • Easy slide-in installation
  • 2.5 VA allows for many dampers on one zone
  • Available in 4 sizes to fit most rigid round branch ducts
  • The quiet, long-life motor automatically shuts itself off in fully open and closed positions
  • Gaskets around the blade and under motor housing for low internal leakage and very low external leakage
  • Range stops with easy adjustment from the top of the motor
  • Easy to see and reliable mechanical blade position indicator
  • Easy to hook up with conventional thermostat wire.
  • Simple manual blade positioning with push-button gear release