Top 5 Dehumidifier Air Purifier Manufacturers

Get My Parts presents the most comprehensive list of the Top Dehumidifier Air Purifier manufacturers in the U.S.A and Canada. Choose from a list of handpicked Dehumidifier Air Purifier manufacturing companies.



Aprilaire is a major indoor air quality solution company, offering innovative solutions. They address the conditions that impact the indoor air quality, like- Temperature, Humidity, Air Purification and Air Freshness. 

Aprilaire extended its line with a solution for the entire family by producing whole-home air quality products. These include air purifiers, dehumidifier, ventilation systems, thermostats, controllers, and zoned temperature control system.


PoolPak is the leading dehumidification system manufacturer. They manufacture the systems for athletic pools, natatoriums in schools and universities, commercial pools, and hotel/motel leisure pools. The engineers explore each aspect starting from the component of the location to controlling the strategies. It enables them to make the equipment life longer and perform better.  

With all the dedication and hard work since 1970, Poolpak now is the second leading manufacturer in North America. Poolpak understands the environment of the pool and the impact on that space through seasonal changes, geographic location and pool activity.

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DryTech is a well-known manufacturing organization for a wide range of industrial desiccant dehumidifiers. Drytech’s skilled experts thoroughly manufacture the entire variety to ensure that all products have longer functional life, durable design, and compact size.

Being a concentric client organization, DryTech deliver the dehumidifiers in various models and configuration. Mr Imran Qureshi’s guidance has succeeded in creating a distinctive niche in the national market. His brilliant abilities, experience and in-depth understanding have made it possible to achieve heights throughout the business.


Munter is a leading company offering energy-efficient and sustainable air treatment solutions. 

Since 1955, they have been defining the future of air treatment. They have about 3700 staff handling 18 manufacturing plants, 7 smaller assembly hubs, and about 55 sales and service centres.

Munter’s primary objective is to provide their customers with an ideal climate. In all aspects of their activities, Munters is dedicated to the highest level of business ethics and integrity. They have 8 focus regions, including sustainable products and offerings, sustainable production, sustainable transportation, sustainable, profitable operations, business ethics, collaborating with the like-minded, equal and inclusive work environment and community involvement.


Nortek Air Solutions

Nortek Air solution is the leading company providing a wide range of heating, ventilation and HVAC brands. With a total of 390 years of combined experience and 165 sales representative offices, they help you to find the perfect solution for air handling applications.

Nortek is a leader in air handling innovations and is the most trusted provider of high-performance, energy-efficient, cost-effective and reliable custom air handling solutions. Established in 1977, they provide the most trusted products for residential, light, commercial and custom commercial HVAC applications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Dehumidifier Air Purifier

What is Dehumidifier Air Purifier?

Dehumidifier Air Purifier sucks the moisture and reduces humidity levels in the air killing the microbes in moisture.

What is the function of Dehumidifier Air Purifier?

Dehumidifier Air Purifierreduces the humidity level making your environment less congenial to dust mites and dust. It helps in reducing the dust in your home.

What are the different types of Dehumidifier Air Purifier?

The different types of Dehumidifier Air Purifier are Ozone Generator, Electrostatic Precipitator, HEPA filters, Activated Carbons, and Refrigerant. 

What is the importance of Dehumidifier Air Purifier?

Dehumidifier Air Purifier reduces irritation to your skin and respiratory system which allows you to breathe easily and comfortably in your home.


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